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Mediation is a better approach to resolving and settling disputes than litigation. How do I know this? More than 20 years of litigating elder care law, estate, and guardianship cases. These legal cases are drawn out, contested battles among family members and the result is usually a court- imposed solution, weakened family relationships, high legal fees, and often, court oversight. Even when declared the “winner,” no one is ever a true winner.

Does mediation bring families together and heal all wounds? The answer is no. But whether a senior requiring care or financial management, end of life decisions, or a disabled child with a lifetime of care needs, mediation facilitates future family communication and relationships for the next generation, transparency, and civility in a self-determined and negotiated settlement outside of the limitations of the courtroom and court rules.

My formal training as a Mediator is in accordance with the New York State Office of Court Administration Part 146 certification requirements including the New York Peace Institute, in Brooklyn; Elder Decisions (based in Boston); and the American Arbitration Association (AAA) Mediation Training, in New York City. I mediate matters in Nassau, Suffolk, New York, Kings, and Queens County, and co-mediate in other parts of New York State.

Think differently – think mediation, not litigation.

If you would like to learn more about me and my elder law, estate, and special needs planning law practice, please go to www.bpaelderlaw.com or www.bpasntlaw.com.

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